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Lizzy Polheber

Safety Engineer

Lizzy Polheber has been in the construction industry for four years. Lizzy serves as a Safety Engineer for VJS Construction Services and works in tandem with VJS’ Safety Director to ensure all safety requirements are carried out throughout the duration of all of VJS’ projects.

In her four years with VJS, Lizzy has executed the following:

  • Stretch & Flex Program
  • Nothing Hits the Ground policy
  • New Safety Video
  • See It, Own It, Share It
  • Procore Safety Audits
  • Mentoring Program

In addition to Lizzy’s work at VJS, she has also been actively involved in VJS’ Wellness Program. The purpose of the Wellness Program is to educate, support and empower employees to maintain and improve their overall health and well-being through healthy lifestyle choices and to create a culture of wellness throughout the VJS organization. The Wellness Program goes beyond mind and body wellness and engages the spirit by organizing fundraisers for local nonprofit organizations and food pantries. Additional Wellness Program activities include lunch and learns, walks, health risk assessments, pedometer challenges, corporate fitness challenges, healthy snack sales, health club reimbursement, yoga classes and an on-site workout room. Lizzy has been involved in implementing several wellness initiatives at VJS.

Currently, Lizzy is an active member of the AGC of Milwaukee Safety Committee. She is part of reviewing new OSHA standards and training sessions. She is also involved in the Wisconsin Council of Safety, as well as the American Society of Safety Engineers. Lizzy attends all ASSP meetings and is in charge of posting for the ASSP Facebook page.

2018 Rising Young Professionals award from the Daily Reporter

Bruce Goranson

Director at Lincoln Safety Solutions

Bruce brings over 36 years of environmental, safety and health experience in the insurance, manufacturing and construction industries. Bruce was directly involved with many large construction projects throughout the Midwest and the programs he has created are recognized at both the state and national level.

He is also asked to be a guest speaker at many local, state and national safety events. Bruce oversees all VJS projects to ensure all safety procedures are met. His commitment to safety is about more than compliance but rather to strive for safety excellence in all aspects of work on each and every VJS project everyday through employee feedback and engagement.

Bruce is also involved in the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee – Safety Committee, Wisconsin Council of Safety, Member – Board of Directors, American Society of Safety Engineers Construction Division – Member, and the National Safety Council Construction Division – Training Committee